7 Keys To Improve Self Esteem

improve self esteem

Self esteem is your opinion of yourself and your abilities…

Self esteem can be high, low or somewhere in-between. You might be able to identify a few things that are affecting your opinion of yourself, or it could be a mystery. Here are 7 keys to improve your self esteem:::

.1. Realize your values

Your values are the things that you believe are important in the way you live and work. When the things that you do… match your values, your self esteem gets high. This is why making a conscious effort to identify your values is so important.

.2. Heal the pain of your past

If your past still plagues you, it will show in stressful relationships, a distorted view of yourself, and everyday sadness and frustration. What I can tell you is this: it is absolutely possible to no longer be affected by your past. That doesn’t mean memories disappear or you never feel emotions again. It means that you make a choice to support your self esteem, and it all starts with disciplining our thoughts.

.3. List your accomplishments 

The knowledge of one’s capability is continually satisfying thoughts and self esteem. Be proud of them as well and you will feel more confident in yourself, you will realize you have achieved a lot of awesome things and are capable of doing something special!

.4. Do what makes you happy

If you spend time doing the things you enjoy, you’re more likely to think positively. Try to schedule for your own self every day. Whether that’s time spent reading, cooking, watching TV or listening to music, if it makes you happy, make time for it. This will uplift your self esteem.

.5. Care about your appearance

When you look your best, you feel your best. Dress like someone who has confidence and let your self esteem come through in how you look. Looking good leads to feeling good, feeling good leads to empowerment.

.6. Let negative people go

If there are people in your life who are negative–who have nothing positive to say or who put you down or take advantage of you… do the smart thing and let them go. The only way to find your self esteem is to surround yourself with supportive positive people who admire you and value you.

.7. Exercise

This releases pleasure chemicals in the brain such as dopamine, which makes you feel betterBeing fit also makes you healthier, which helps in improving self esteem.

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