7 Tips To Boost Mental Power

7 Tips To Boost Mental Power

7 Tips To Boost Mental Power

.1. Self Awareness & Discipline

Self discipline is to press pause, think, and gain clarity about whatever situation you are in. You must have self awareness to recognize when your emotions are trying to move you in the wrong direction, and you must have self discipline to regulate yourself. The more stressful the situation and the stronger the emotion, the more important it is for you to exercise self awareness and self discipline.

.2. The Big 4 Emotions

Consider the big four emotions:

Anger is an impulse is to move against. Affection is an impulse is to move toward. Fear is an impulse is to move away. Sadness is an impulse to not move.

.3. Raise your ability to distinguish positive emotions from negative.

He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened.” ~ Lao Tzu

To be successful, you must stay alert to emotions in order to manage behavior in various contexts.

.4. Recognize yourself

Think > Feel > Act is the internal chain-of-events at the heart of mental discipline and emotional management. What you think shapes how you feel, and how

you feel influences how you act. Try mindful walking, eating, listening. Record your inner states.

.5. Gain High levels of  Persistence

To become competent in your field, you’ll have to study, practice, make mistakes, and find new ways to solve problems. This means you have to persist until you find a path that works successfully.

.6. Build Connections

If you often feel lonely, it can actually result in psychological and cognitive decline, as these feelings may contribute to depression and even lower your overall well-being.Build a strong support system around you, as that will enable you to stay healthy mentally and psychologically over the long term.

.7. Eat, Exercise, and Sleep Well

What’s good for your body also tends to be good for your brain. Improve your memory, brain health and cognition by caring about these basic needs.

To improve your mental power, you’ll need to become more self-observant, self-aware, and apply self-knowledge to how you choose priorities and make decisions. Sig`n up and share with us your Self Awareness & Self Discipline experience.

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