7 Best Tips To Conquer Self Discipline

7 Tips To Conquer Self Discipline

7 Tips To Conquer Self Discipline

.1. Take The Action

You’ve just got to do it. Forget the thoughts. Ignore the feelings. Don’t worry about how. Just do what you’ve got to do. Sometimes you just have to try, fail, and try again until you figure it out.

.2. Remove Distractions

Phones, emails, and social media can interrupt productivity. Don’t fight the distractions, Exclude them. Set times to make calls, answer emails, or check social media. You can’t check Facebook  70 times a day and expect to get anything done.

.3. Do the Hardest Thing First

We usually postpone on the task that will give us the biggest return on results. It’s usually the task you do not want to do. Do it first and the rest of your day will feel much lighter.

.4. Conquer yourself

You may be disappointed you missed your friends, and maybe even doubt your will, but when you’re moving towards your goal the next morning, a huge dose of self-respect and admiration comes over you. It builds your self belief and gives you a lasting high, which further motivates you to continue conquering yourself.

.5. Gain Enough Energy

According to a recent study, every act of self-control withdraws from your energy. Because of this – Eating healthy as well as getting enough sleep – are important to maintaining the energy needed to practice self discipline.

.6. Practice More

The more you practice self discipline, the more it becomes a part of your comfort zone. The more in control you feel, the act of falling into uncontrolled pleasure becomes an painful feeling. This makes It easier in the long run.

.7. Reward Your Progress

Take breaks. Eat snacks. Go for 10 minutes walks. Do something every 2 hours to refresh and to reward your progress.

You can always take a harder path. Instead of taking the bus to work, walk. Instead of going out every Friday, pick up a book, instead of watching Netflix every evening, take up an online course, instead of sleeping in on the weekend, get up early and go for a run.

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